Protect Friends and Family from Winter Falls and Injuries

Winter Falls and Injuries

Protect Friends and Family from Winter Falls and Injuries

Winter Falls and Injuries

Winter Falls and Injuries are important part when winter came. Over the river and through the woods — this time of year, a trip like that can be treacherous. On an icy driveway, even a trip to the mailbox can be dangerous. So instead of giving family and friends something they’ll stash in the closet and forget about like candles, potpourri, or a garish holiday tie, give them something that will help keep them safe this winter.

Yaktrax, an easy-to-use

Yaktrax, an easy-to-use, lightweight traction device that provides stability on ice or snow, is ideal for everyone on your gift list, from elderly relatives to outdoor enthusiasts. It fits easily over shoes or boots, letting you work, play or run with confidence. The secret is the SkidLock coil system: the high strength horizontal coils provide forward and backward stability, while the vertical coil pattern provides side-to-side stability. As you step, each loop presses descending, getting to be implanted into the ice beneath. When you exchange your weight onto your foot, several SkidLock surfaces press into the ice; when you lift your foot, the SkidLock loop framework stays cozily with your shoe, offering unhindered simplicity of development.

The Walker is the original Yaktrax and is good for most activities. The Pro model is more heavy duty, with the addition of a removable performance strap that was designed for added stability. It is perfect for someone who needs increased durability while working, running or enjoying outdoor activities.

Yaktrax is so lightweight, the only way you’ll know you’re wearing them is thanks to the increased traction you’ll feel the moment you put them on. You will move about naturally — there’s nothing new to learn, just walk as you normally would. They come in three sizes for a perfect fit. Both models are available in basic black, and the Walker also comes in glow green or orange.

The company is based in Port Orchard

The company is based in Port Orchard, Wash., so the folks at Yaktrax know a thing or two about winter weather. “We wanted to create a product that would give people peace of mind during the winter months, when ice and snow can make for precarious walking, and even injury,” says company spokesperson Marla Hunt. “We also wanted something that was easy to use and carry. Yaktrax can fit in your pocket or your glove compartment, and they take just seconds to put on, so you’re always prepared.”

Customers agree. The company has received unsolicited testimonials from people whose winter activity consists of walking the dog to mountain climbers who rely on them for traction on dangerous ridges. “My husband and I received Yaktrax as gifts last year while visiting my son in Idaho,” writes a happy customer from Greenville, N.C. “Now it’s hard to conceive walking in snow and ice without them, especially since we are in our ’70s.”

So whether your list includes elderly parents, someone who works outside during the winter, a runner or a walker, Yaktrax makes for one-stop holiday shopping. And at $19.95 for the Walker and $27.95 for the Pro, you can afford a pair for everyone on your list.

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