Nem: ‘The Infinity Watcher’ has taken the internet by storm, he watched Avengers: Infinity War 44 times

Avengers: Infinity War has been in theaters for 43 days, and one crazy fan of Marvel franchise has taken the full advantage of that by seeing the movie for a whole lot of 44 times, like seriously?!

We’ve all seen a movie we like more than once in the cinema, maybe twice, ok let’s talk about three times. But this guy named NEM may just have taken to an upper level or calling it extreme level won’t be bad.

The fan goes by Nem: The Infinity Watcher on twitter, and he’s been reporting his experience since early May. He’s also posting his ticket stub collection as further evidence. picked up on the story, and since he’s become a twitter moment.

We’ve no idea what he’s gonna do when Avengers 4 will come out. But still Nem is showing no signs of slowing down.

Good News for Nem: IMAX has decided to help Nem keep the streak going:

“Hey @NemRaps, we have an offer you can’t refuse. DM us for details.”IMAX, source: twitter.

Now Nem is going to the premiere of Avengers 4, courtesy of directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

Meanwhile, we unlike Nem are kind of over Infinity War now, and are waiting for Avengers 4, as actor Chris Hemsworth as Thor has told that it’ll be more shocking than Infinity War.

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