Indulge! Chocolate is Good for Your Health

Chocolate is Good for Your Health
Chocolate is Good for Your Health
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Chocolate is Good For Your Health on this Topic we try to Cover about all of this So as we know Long a secret pleasure and special treat, chocolate is now taking center stage in personal wellness. What may have been thought of as a forbidden food is at the forefront of new research touting its health benefits?

According to the Research

According to new research, the antioxidants in dark chocolate occur at a greater concentration than other nutritional powerhouses, such as green tea and blueberries. And those antioxidants help prevent the cell-damaging effects of free radicals. Dr. Mary B. Engler at the University of California in San Francisco concurs, “The health benefits of cocoa may far outweigh the negative connotation often given to chocolate.”

Her recently publicized clinical trial showed that small daily doses of flavonoid-rich dark chocolate consumed over a two-week period improved blood vessels’ ability to dilate or expand. Her research team also found that the major flavonoid in chocolate, epicatechin, was absorbed in high levels in the blood. Additionally cocoa contains a kaleidoscope of vitamins and minerals like magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium, and iron.

Benefits of chocolate

Enjoy the benefits of chocolate inside and out with new products that feature the highest-quality chocolate. World-famous chocolatier Jacques Torres has teamed up with Origins to create a line of Sensory Therapy chocolates that do more than just delight taste buds. “Of course I’ve always known of the delicious goodness of chocolate,” says Torres. “And now the new Origins chocolates show that it can be good for you, too.”

Paired with pure essential oils, the collection of five bars and two drink mixes help get you in the holiday spirit. Try a dark chocolate bar blended with sweet orange, grapefruit, and juniper to relax you, or settle a “too full” tummy with a bar of dark chocolate infused with peppermint, basil, and cardamom.

Those watching their holiday calories can still enjoy the benefits of chocolate with Origins new cocoa therapy collection. The products utilize non-traditional parts of the cocoa plant including Theobroma Cacao shells, derived from the seed of the Cacao plant to gently exfoliate, and Theobroma Grandiflorum seed butter to create a moisture barrier that softens the skin.

Cocoa butter:

Cocoa butter, the edible fat from cocoa beans that is extracted during the process of making chocolate, is known throughout the world for its moisturizing properties and has a wonderful aroma. Additional ingredients, such as refreshing, cheering and cleansing lemon oil, and ginger, which possesses a warming effect to stimulate the body and increase energy, will keep you in tip-top form for the busy months ahead.

To revitalize dull, dry winter skin, try Origins’ cocoa therapy body-buffing scrub. Or to rev up for the day, experience the lush lather of the cocoa therapy energy-boosting body bar. Cocoa butter and plant-derived cleansers soften, while vitamin E helps prevent oxidation, leaving you clean, clarified and ready to take on the day.

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