How can I lose 10 pounds fast in 2 weeks?

lose 10 pounds fast

How can I lose 10 pounds fast: There are a lot of fad diets that all claim to be able to help you lose fat. The reality is that only exercise and an improved diet will help you to trim your belly down and help you improve your health. If your belly is the area that most concerns you, then you can certainly use a few targeted steps to help you lose 10 pounds fast from your midsection.

If you have 5-10 pounds of fat to lose then all of the crunches in the world aren’t going to do much in the way of helping you to get rid of that fat. They certainly can’t hurt, but your best bet is to focus on muscle building aerobic exercises that will burn off calories from your entire body, including your belly.

Combine your aerobic workouts with weight training and other strength training workouts. This combination has proven to be more effective at burning abdominal fat and help you to lose 10 pounds fast than aerobic exercise alone.

Keep a food diary to track how much food you are eating, consider tracking your eating habits prior to trying to lose 10 pounds fast so that you can be acutely aware of just how many calories you are eating every day. It may surprise you to learn just how much you are really eating. Your food diary will also help you to be able to better understand how many calories you need to cut out of your diet in order to see any weight loss.

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Be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and switch out the refined grains you have been eating for whole grain options. Heart healthy and filled with more fiber than other food choices, these types of foods can help you to lose 5–10 pounds quickly by changing your blood glucose levels.

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The Importance of a Routine to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

Humans are creatures are habit and routine, which is why our hectic lifestyles can often lead to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. For someone who needs to lose 5–10 pounds, it is very important to establish a good routine in order to train your body to lose the weight you need to lose. So how can you do that? How can you adjust your routine, or establish a routine that supports your healthy lifestyle?

  1. Get plenty of rest at night, at least 7 hours if you can. This will give your body the energy it needs to take on your day.
  2. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, getting up early and going to bed at a reasonable time will help you to establish a good routine and ensure you have plenty of hours in your day to achieve your fitness goals.
  3. Eat breakfast, every day. Even if you are not particularly hungry, then you should at least ensure you have a piece of fruit to fuel your body. Eating breakfast is an important part of any weight loss routine.
  4. Eat your lunch and dinner at approximately the same time every day, so that you can ensure your body is not left starving between meals. When your body is allowed to go too long between meals, you’ll find it a lot harder to stave off hunger and find yourself reaching for the unhealthy snacks.
  5. Try to hit the gym or get your workouts in at the same time so that you have less of an excuse to skip your workouts.

It can certainly be difficult to get yourself into a good routine, but the sooner that you establish your routine, you’ll be able to find yourself able to lose 10 pounds quickly, a lot quicker than if you were to try to fit your fitness goals into your current routine.

Final Words and Motivation:

  1. First, some info to help you meet your goal. Losing weight is hard, keeping weight off is harder, losing weight fast is hardest. There is no secret formula or pill. You have to eat fewer calories and exercise to expend more calories. To do this you really have to make your own food. It’s super tough to eat out and keep the calories low. Cut out easy stuff like soda and sweets. After all that is done, start exercising 30 minutes per day. The best exercise is the one you can keep doing. Don’t wreck your body going hard, just do something that is sustainable.
  2. Doing these things will give you the best shot at your goal (a lofty goal for sure). If this is for a weigh in or something, then you could consider low salt diet 3 days before and drink less water 12–18 hours before weigh in. This is absolutely not a healthy thing to do long-term or regularly!
  3. Whatever spurred you to post this question? Use that motivation to make the change in your life to get a healthy body! I’ll have you know, that doctors really like to talk with people who are motivated to make the change in their life. Sometimes we’ll walk out of the room and say “wow, I wish all my patients were like that!” Some docs even feel frustrated that they can’t help people make the change. We constantly tell people to eat healthy, exercise, stop smoking, use condoms….. and sometimes it feels like it never happens. We really like to talk with motivated people! Make an appointment and your doc will likely be overjoyed to help you!
  4. This response has certainly been aimed at somebody who considers themselves overweight AND is actually above a healthy weight. I would like to acknowledge that lots of folks exist who consider themselves overweight but are actually very under-weight. This can be associated with poor self-esteem and body image. If you think this could be you, please be careful, and I urge you to talk with a doctor about this. Anyways, that’s my spiel, hope it was useful for you!


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